A hotel is a building that is managed to provide guests. With a place to stay on a short term basis in exchange for money. As well as The features and services provided to guests usually vary from hotel to hotel. Hotel owners generally aim to attract customers in certain segments. Also Through pricing models and marketing strategies or through the various services offered.

Of course A hotel has to be distinctive. One of the typical examples of a hotel can be seen from its interior design. Unique, luxurious and classic designs can attract many visitors who want to stay.

Interior design can be in the form of room arrangement, furniture in every room in the hotel. For this reason, in making Hotel Interior Furniture we cannot be arbitrary in terms of design and production.

The Hotel Lobby is the first place to show the visitors “The real identity” of the hotel. The lobby is the main room near the entrance of an office, hotel or a public service. The lobby usually functions as a reception area or main waiting room. Furniture in the lobby generally consists of tables, chairs, reception areas and sofa sets for the guest waiting room.

The hotel lobby should be designed in accordance with the overall design of the hotel building. More attractively designed and decorated. So that visitors can be sure that this hotel is a hotel that has good facilities.

In a hotel, the lobby gives the first impression to visitors in evaluating a hotel. And also determine whether a hotel is comfortable or not to be a place to stay. Of course, to create a comfortable hotel lobby, a table with two simple folding chairs is not enough. Surely a hotel lobby is not only comfortable. But also stylish and classy to make a good impression on the eyes of visitors.

Theme is One of the most important things to consider before decorating a hotel lobby, that is tailored to the segment and target audience.

The following types of furniture are found in a hotel lobby:

1. Tables and Chairs

Some hotel lobbies provide tables and chairs used for writing and reading. In the reading area, we can present bookshelves or magazine racks. So that visitors can borrow them while relaxing in the hotel lobby. There are various choices of furniture to choose from. Such as couches, armchairs, end tables and coffee tables or coffee tables. Choose furniture that is sturdy, strong, and durable, and doesn’t tear easily. This is very important to note considering the hotel lobby is an area that has a high level of traffic.

2. Sofa set for the guest waiting room

In addition to the use of tables and chairs for the guest waiting room, it can also be replaced by the use of sofa sets. Even some hotels also provide television to entertain guests while waiting. Apart from TV, paintings, wall art, sculptures, jars and living plants can also be given.

3. The reception area

The reception desk is usually made of solid wood which is large and there are many drawers, shelves and other multifunctional places. Usually it have functions to record hotel visitors who want to check in or check out or visitors who need to leave their keys when they have to leave.

In order to make it easier for hotel employees to serve visitors, it is important to present a reception desk right next to the lobby, facing directly to the entrance. Place lots of cabinets and drawers not far from the reception desk as a place to put keys and items for visitors to deposit. Don’t forget to add your name or logo in the hotel lobby, or to be precise behind the reception desk and it functions as a back drop from the reception desk as well as a marker that identifies one hotel with another.

Those are some types of furniture that are commonly used in hotel lobbies at home and abroad, design and function must remain in balance.