As can be seen Today, many people dream of having a variety of furniture with a minimalist or modern concept. But it turns out that classic furniture designs are still in demand by many people, you know! In fact One of them is the American Style concept furniture or commonly referred to as the American Retro design. Also This design style is an update from the classic European style which can be seen from the use of calm colors, minimal details and does not use many carving elements.

Then American Style is often seen as reflecting the luxury and elegance of the classic style, with minimal maintenance and great flexibility. This concept is also synonymous with colors such as gray or pastel which makes American Style a concept that is durable and not eroded by the times, and refers more to the characteristics of rural, natural, and American country.

The following are characteristics of American-style furniture that you need to know:

Natural Materials

American Style is synonymous with the use of natural materials such as solid wood, without using plastics and others. And also The use of natural materials is done to create a natural rural American country impression.

Soft Color Palette

Another marker of this style is also defined by choosing a subtle color palette or colors of the same tone. For example, use the colors all white, soft taupe, champagne, or dark brown until light brown approaches white. And then Uniquely This subtle color goes well with nature-inspired material choices.

Larger Furniture Size

Unlike the minimalist style which tends to reduce the use of small furniture and emphasize function, this style prioritizes the use of large furniture. To highlight the impression of luxury, usually the size of the furniture used is larger than the standard.

Furniture Edges Stand Out

Unlike the minimalist furniture that doesn’t stick out at the edges, American-style furniture is just the opposite. In addition the shape of the prominent edges will remind you of colonial era furniture. However, you don’t need to worry because this furniture style will not make the interior seem out of date. Of course You only need to combine it with the right elements to present a modern and classic impression.

Dominated By Fabric And Leather

Furthermore The use of genuine leather and fabrics is synonymous with American-style furniture. For the most part of the original leather color will be preserved and only polished to make it look shiny. Both types of materials make furniture resistant to weather changes, high humidity, and sun exposure.

Simpler Forms

At first glance, American-style furniture looks similar to European Victorian-style furniture. When in fact the designs of the two are very different. American furniture looks simpler than Victorian furniture. The color game of American furniture is also quieter than Victorian furniture which has bolder colors.

Simple Carving Elements That Beautify Furniture

Another distinctive feature that stands out in American Style furniture is the carved elements that form the motif. These carvings are usually only small accents that are deliberately painted in a different color than the basic color of the furniture. The addition of these carvings will create a distinctive luxurious impression so that the interior feel of your home will feel more luxurious.

Sturdy Feet

Large American-style furniture such as sofas, cabinets and beds certainly require strong supporting elements. After all American style is reflected in the large and sturdy furniture legs. Not only serves as a support, the artistic foot shape also adds to the perfection of the appearance of the furniture. In addition, to further accentuate the thick and authentic American style.

As shown above those are some of the characteristics of American Style Furniture, hopefully this is useful. Overall don’t forget to buy furniture with American style only here!