Unlike music or clothing trends that change rapidly. But slowly the trend of home interior design and architecture is sure to develop. The trends of each country will be different. Despite experiencing the development of different interior design trends. Classic home design has never stopped being the interest of many people. In the midst of the development of acculturation, the classic house can defend itself and has become a favorite choice. Not a few people choose a classic home interior design concept. Especially from another country as a theme that will be applied to their dream home.

The classic style is noted as one of the oldest spatial planning concepts because it has been developing for centuries. Mainland Europe itself is considered to be the place where this concept emerged. More precisely from the Greek and Roman empires.

The interior of a classic European house that is known for its high social image. Also with the stunning power of various classy artistic details.

In general, European-style home interiors are filled with various objects of high artistic value. And every room in a building with classic interior or architecture has a very large size.

We can pay attention to the appearance of European home interior styles. In any event of the selection and placement of various furniture, models, wall designs and accessories as well as ornaments. Also all of them attached to the ceiling of the house. As well as which give classic characteristics in the distinctive appearance of European home interior designs.

Here are 4 classic European home interior designs that are currently commonly applied in various parts of the world:


Because pomp is one of the main impressions for the application of classic European concepts. The fact that the size of each room in the house is made as large as possible. By paying attention to the effective layout in the room. It’s also deliberately made spacious to allow a variety of functional and decorative furniture to be included. As well as making it more flexible in the arrangement of the furniture.

The spacious room is also balanced by the constituent construction elements. Often times we will find a number of pillars to support the ceiling of a classic European house. Then the doors and windows are also made large to fit the width and height of the wall area.

In the window, the long curtains are applied as a regulator of the intensity of the entry of sunlight plus a decoration. The large size of each room is also the reason why the use of non-permanent and semi-permanent bulkheads is rarely used. The distance between the rooms is far apart so that the barrier in the form of a wall is the best choice.


The point of this second point is that some of the colors chosen to decorate the interior of the house do not contrast with each other. The colors for the classic concept are more likely to match. The color difference is not too striking. Examples of brown, beige, white and gold.

In creating the feel of an elegant room, a combination of colors is made to relate to each other by not only applying one different color to one element. For example, such as matching the color of the sofa with the color of the curtains, the color of the wood furniture paint and the list of walls, and so on.

From the way of compositing the colors, classic European interior design always gives calm to its residents.


The availability of blinded windows to support daytime lighting accompanied by the addition of lamps for lighting at night makes the interior of a classic European house feel warm at any time.

Especially for lighting applications, it is usually divided into main lights and additional lights. The main lights are used to provide light throughout the room. Meanwhile, additional lights will play a role in providing warmth at night.


The warm atmosphere of the lighting was further enhanced by the presence of floor coatings, either in the form of carpet made of woll or vinyl. Floor coatings are almost always present in classic European themed houses.

Maybe most of the classic style lovers will prefer to use the woll carpet because this type is more prestigious than vinyl.

Maybe seen from the cheaper price of vinyl flooring, people think the material is less suitable for classic styles. But actually, any type of floor covering as long as it matches the feel and appearance of the classic room as a whole is still applicable.

These are the characteristics of classic European interior design, there are many different types of furniture that can be applied, especially furniture with the same style, namely European classics. If you are looking for quality furniture with classic European style and design, only here you can find it. Hurry up shopping here!