Jepara is a city that is very famous for its wooden handicrafts, especially carvings and furniture.

In addition, in the city of Jepara, there are lots of furniture companies, both local craftsmen and large industries. Of course, there are advantages to both craftsmen and industry. The furniture production also varies.

By producing different furniture, it also has different qualities. In addition, the use of materials and production processes are also different. So in that difference there must be advantages of each.

So, did you know that there is a very striking difference between the furniture industry and local craftsmen. The differences include, among others, the administrative system, production personnel and production tools.

And we are one of the industries engaged in furniture and are located in the City of Jepara, Indonesia. All products are produced by our own company, so it can be more guaranteed in terms of product quality.

With the use of quality materials, the manufacturing process by professionals and friendly marketing services. Quality are guaranteed and do not make you hesitate at all to buy furniture at our place.

We can guarantee quality production results and guaranteed quality. In addition, we also offer several among other things, from easy administration processes, selection of quality raw materials, qualified production tools and satisfying production results.

Here are some reasons why you should buy furniture at Redsun Industry, which certainly won’t disappoint you, as follows:

1. Friendly Marketing

Of course, service is one of the considerations for every consumer when buying an item or product. With that, we always provide good and friendly service to potential customers. We also offer attractive offers, both from price quotes, delivery facilities and limited promos.

With friendly marketing and professional service, we strive to provide a satisfying experience for potential customers.

2. High Quality Material

The material we use comes from quality wood and is in accordance with the legality of the local government. We use wood purchased from PERHUTANI (Indonesian State Forest Company) so that its legality can be ascertained.

The choice of wood that we offer is of various types such as Mahogany and Agathis. We also guarantee the quality of the wood and its durability. The products we produce from processing are Solid Wood. After that it is reprocessed into various types of furniture such as chairs, coffee tables, beds and others.

3. Reliable production tools

Of course, to produce quality furniture, it must also be supported by tools that are reliable and guaranteed to be safe. To maintain the quality of wood materials during the production process. Here are some of the production tools used to produce and are our advantages compared to other industries:

-Wooden oven

Wood has hygroscopic properties, that is it can absorb or release water or moisture. The hygroscopic nature is an indication that wood humidity is strongly influenced by humidity and air temperature at one time, the more humid the surrounding air will be, the higher the humidity of the wood is until it is balanced with its environment.

The water content in wood like this is called the balance water content (EMC = Equilibrium Moisture Content). The entry of water into the wood causes the weight of the wood to increase. Due to the nature of wood that absorbs moisture, the wood must be dried to 12% moisture content. So that you don’t have problems when you work it into furniture.

Wood that is not dry properly will result in a high expansion and shrinkage so that the wood will bend, bow, and also be susceptible to pests and fungi. So to get 12% moisture content we use an oven to produce quality wood that is really ready for production.

In contrast to local craftsmen who still use solar power or are still natural. With a process that is still natural, of course, it takes a longer time to get the wood really dry. Using an oven can speed up the drying process. As well as getting wood with a moisture content of 12%, according to production standards.

-Sander Machine


Sander machine is a tool used to smooth the surface of wood after it is shaved / sharpened. This machine uses an electric powered mechanism to drive the motor. There are several types of sandpaper according to its shape, namely: long sandpaper, square sandpaper and round sandpaper.


-Wood Planner Machine

Wood Planner Machine, is a tool used to form a block of wood, such as reducing thickness, smoothing rough surfaces, or even to provide decorative aspects.

4. Quality products

We, Redsun Industry always guarantee the results of our production are always of high quality and do not disappoint consumers. We produce several furniture products in the form of chairs, coffee tables, dressers, sofa sets, beds and nightstand. So you don’t need to hesitate anymore to buy furniture at our place.

5. Trusted Buying and Selling Platform

We also provide several trading platforms which are handled by professional admins. Also The platforms we use are very trusted, including Shopee, Tokopedia,, Lazada, Website etc.


Those are some reasons why you should buy at Redsun Industri, customer satisfaction is always our priority!