Solid wood is wood that is processed directly. Including after being processed into blocks, boards, or turning. This term is most often used to distinguish between solid wood and engineered wood.

This type of wood is quite popular because it has high durability. This type of wood can last up to more than 15 years. Of course, depending on the weather and maintenance conditions. More than that, Solid wood also has high resistance to water as long as it is not submerged for months in the water. This type of wood is also a good choice for furniture because its quality can be measured by a wide variety of colors and choices. In architecture, Solid wood can give a warm impression to a room and is easily processed with a variety of designs.

Even so, this type of wood also has several drawbacks. Things like sun exposure, high temperature, and humidity levels also affect its quality.

Lebih lanjut, solid wood terbagi ke dalam beberapa jenis seperti:


This type of wood has a pink color in the middle. Not only pink, there are also dark red wood, while the edges of the wood are white. Even though it has high quality, it should not be placed directly and in contact with the ground. This is because it is feared that moisture and termites can damage wood.

Teak wood

Teak is a favorite material because it has an oil layer that makes it waterproof. Another advantage is the level of softness which is quite high. This allows wood to be carved easily. Although soft, the fibers contained in it are thick enough so that they are resistant to impact.

Sungkai wood

This type of material is often used to make furniture in the room because it has a bright color. In addition, the hues of wood are unique from yellow and light brown. This combination gives a fresh and bright atmosphere to the room. In production, sungkai wood can be processed into veneer with colors and patterns that are in great demand by the market. Just like mahogany, this material is not suitable if placed outdoors except with special processing.

Pine Wood

This wood has a characteristic bright color with fine fibers. In addition, pine is also classified as soft to process, making it popular as a material for room furniture. However, in use it is not recommended to be placed in a damp place because of the risk of fungal and termite attack.


Bamboo is one of the most popular building and furniture materials, especially in Indonesia. Also has a fairly strong resistance and light weight. Another benefit is the high elasticity of bamboo and is environmentally friendly. However, bamboo has a disadvantage, which is quite difficult to process. Besides that, bamboo has a connection with quite complicated details, so it requires special techniques when processing. Furniture with this material should be kept away from damp places. In addition, don’t forget to regularly apply finishing to the bamboo surface so that it can keep it away from insects and fungi.

Oak wood

Also This type of wood has good bending qualities, is durable, and is waterproof. Of the various other types of wood, oak is quite popular because it has an attractive color. In addition, the ray flake pattern in the grain makes this material more artistic. The use itself is more suitable outdoors because of its water resistance. Furthermore, in the treatment, avoid pressure or hard impact. This wood is available in two types, namely red oak and white oak.


Such is the meaning of Solid Wood and its types, hopefully this is useful.