The need for furniture is undeniably very high and continues to grow higher from year to year. Almost in every place and every building must have furniture such as chairs, tables, cabinets and other sets of furniture.

Of Course Furniture is one of the basic needs of everyone, without furniture a building will look empty. As a matter of fact, Furniture Is one of the supports for human life. Also it has many types and styles. One of which is retro style, classic and simple design with the characteristic of beautiful and firm curves. The design is “old school” but still looks beautiful and feels luxurious. Retro concepts can still survive from year to year. Even though there are many more modern and futuristic concepts that rely on their characteristics that look luxurious, beautiful and bold.

Retro Furniture Design can add to the impression of beauty to each building, besides that it can add a sense of luxury to the building.

The following are types of products with Retro designs:

1. American Retro Sofa

In The First place, Two-seated sofa with a retro style that looks beautiful and simple followed by firm curves and high artistic value.

Product details can be seen from the following image:


As can be seen, With the diamond drill process on the back, it makes the seats on the sofa very strong and sturdy and adds to the firm and beautiful impression. In addition, Gold color from nails and brown finishing color and matching upholstery color adds to the beauty of the American Retro Sofa. The interior is presented with great care in the manufacturing and installation process as well as the selection of soft foam materials, high water resistance on the seat surface and always prioritizes comfort.

Selection of nails with good quality and material is the main thing in the manufacture of products from American Retro Sofa. The anti-rust material from nails can add to the durability of the American Retro Sofa.

2. American Retro Sofa Large version

American Retro Sofa, apart from being two-seated, is another three-seated version. With the use of the same material and the same comfort but with a wider size and can be used to seat 3-4 people. Makes the atmosphere busier and more comfortable.

3. American Retro Tea Table

American Retro Tea Table is a set from American Retro Sofa. It feels incomplete if there is a sofa and no table. With Mahogany wood, its quality and durability make the American Retro Tea Table look solid. With the same finishing color and in line with the American Retro Sofa, this sofa and table set has a thicker Retro atmosphere and is beautiful to look at.

4. Matching Mahogany Square Table

A side table set from American Retro Sofa. Still with the same manufacturing materials, the quality of the Matching Mahogany Square Table is very good. The harmonious finishing color also makes the American Retro Sofa set complement the beauty of the room.

5. Matching Mahogany Round Table

The final set of American Retro Sofa with a round table shape is perfect for placing in the corner of the room.


There are many other retro designs on other furniture that can be chosen according to your needs and tastes. Still love local Indonesian products!