Of course you are familiar with this one object. A table that is often placed coffee and snacks on it, or what is commonly known as a coffee table.

What exactly is it? If translated into Indonesian it means coffee table, but is this table design like tables in a coffee shop? Of course not.

Coffee table is a small table which is usually placed in the living room or family room. Its function is to place drinks or snacks when chatting with family and guests.

Placed between the sofa and other furniture objects. Also The coffee table can be the center of attention for the interior design of your living room or family room. This one object tends to be placed in the middle of the room and surrounded by other furniture.

The bottom of the coffee table can also be varied with a drawer or a place to store magazines, books or newspapers.

A coffee table can be varied with pressed wood grain (hpl), melamix or duko paint. Depending on the color of the sofa and the furniture that surrounds it. For size, the coffee table can be adjusted to the shape of the sofa partner. In general, the standard size of this coffee table is 100 x 70 cm. Also the height is the same as the top of the sofa seat.

Many choices of coffee table designs are available in various furnishings today. Usually a pair with a sofa when on sale. One of them is the American Retro design. That displays the beauty of every wood curve and the aesthetic value of every corner.

Retro design is an old design that is still in great demand today. Because it reflects the aesthetic value and the application of the design is mostly in furniture. Which also can be in the form of cupboards, chairs, beds, tables and many more.

Sturdy Design

One of the factors that can survive retro design from year to year is the beauty and solid impression in every detail.

Coffee table can be a focal point or important value of the interior design of your living room or family room. Because the coffee table is placed between the sofa and other furniture objects. All objects or furniture in the room, tend to surround this one object, like making it the center of the room, its charming shape that gives its own charm.

Aesthetic and Functional

The function is generally a table with a round and rectangular shape with a short table leg used as a place for casual chat with friends or family. With a drink served in the form of coffee and a few snacks, the conversation will warm up.

The main raw material for making American Retro Coffee Table is Mahogany wood with high quality. With an elegant shape, rounded edges and smooth surface. The choice of Natural Mahogany or Rose Gold colors which increasingly makes the American Retro Coffee Table more beautiful and comfortable when placed in the living room or family room.

Selected and quality raw materials will guarantee your satisfaction when using the American Retro Coffee Table.

In addition to the American Retro Coffee Table having advantages in terms of aesthetics, it also prioritizes its functional side, such as placing four versatile drawers that can be used to store various objects such as magazines, tissues, rags and other small objects.

Be wise in choosing a piece of furniture, always consider in addition to functional aspects as well as aesthetic aspects.