The house is a very important part of the life of modern society today, a place for human protection from the harshness of the outside. Having a part or space that also plays an important role in life, such as the kitchen, living room, terrace, and bedroom. The bedroom is a room that has an important role. We have to decorate the bedroom in order to provide comfort and safety for the occupants.

One way to decorate a bedroom is to place suitable furniture. There are many types of bedrooms, including the main bedroom which is usually used for adult sleeping. Then there is a special bedroom for babies which is usually used as a room for newborns and toddlers. In the baby’s bedroom, it also needs to be decorated and given special furniture for babies. Because babies have sensitive and smooth skin, especially newborns. The selection of equipment in the baby’s room must be considered carefully and carefully. Especially in the selection of furniture which is an important point in preparing the baby’s room.

Many types of furniture can be placed in a baby’s bedroom. These include wardrobes, cots and tables for changing baby’s diapers. Selection of furniture must be considered with various aspects and perspectives. For example, in a design that must match the theme of the bedroom. Then there is the price aspect that must be considered so that it can be used as effectively and efficiently as possible so as not to lose. Apart from that in terms of safety and comfort of the furniture itself. For example, from the material for making furniture, the material for painting furniture is it safe for babies or not.

The most important and foremost furniture in a baby’s bedroom is the Baby Crib. If you are looking for a Baby Bed Basket that is safe, guaranteed quality and with a minimalist design. Crib Solid Wood Mosaic Big Bed Baby is the answer to your question. With quality raw materials and prioritizing safety and consumer comfort. The following details of the Crib Solid Wood Mosaic Big Bed Baby can be seen below.

Safe materials

Made of quality mahony which is sturdy and not easily weathered. With a guaranteed and careful wood processing process, making Crib Solid Wood Mosaic Big Bed Baby is of high quality.

The process of smoothing the surface of each part of the Crib Solid Wood Mosaic Big Bed Baby produces a smooth, soft and safe surface for babies. So with a process that maintains quality and with guaranteed workmanship it produces quality products.

Minimalist Design

The shape of an object also describes how it can be valued or worthy of purchase. Crib Solid Wood Mosaic Big Bed Baby adapts a simple and solid minimalist design. Minimalist design is in great demand by everyone, especially young people, designs that are often considered to be the best designs among all designs. Crib Solid Wood Mosaic Big Bed Baby presents a simple and minimalist design, making it easy for you to place it in your baby’s bedroom freely.

In addition to a minimalist design, Crib Solid Wood Mosaic Big Bed Baby also offers natural finishing colors and is suitable for various wall colors in your baby’s bedroom. Natural Finish material that is safe and friendly for babies so it doesn’t make you worry about your baby’s safety.

Sturdy Material

The bed frame is made entirely of Mahony wood which is well known for its strength and durability. Crib Solid Wood Mosaic Big Bed Baby is able to withstand loads of up to 60 Kg, so you don’t need to hesitate anymore to use Crib Solid Wood Mosaic Big Bed Baby as your first choice in preparing your baby’s bedroom.

The quality of furniture is very influential on the function of the furniture itself, so hurry up and shop for quality furniture here!