The dressing table is one of the essential pieces of furniture to have in the bedroom, especially for women. Usually this table consists of a mirror, chairs and storage shelves. The function itself is as the name implies, namely as a place to make yourself comfortable. In addition, this is where you can store cosmetics, skin care and various other beauty equipment.

When choosing the right furniture apart from the price and point of view. Usually the design is one of the main consideration elements. Many designs to choose from and various shapes according to taste. Such as minimalist, modern, retro and other designs.

If you are a fan of the old or retro style. The Retro American Dressing Table is perfect for you to use in your room. With an elegant, retro design and the beauty of each curve, it really describes the elegance of the past.

Sturdy Dressing Table Material

Made of high quality Mahogany which makes American Retro Dressers sturdy, stable and strong.

With the process of making each part that is very concerned about comfort. Of course it produces a smooth surface, there are no sharp parts or edges and does not hurt the hands. The work of each curve is done very carefully. Also to produce a beautiful color gradation when it is colored.

The shape of the glass that follows the curves of the frame from the table. Then it’s further reinforces the impression of luxury and beauty. The right size of the glass also provides more comfort when you make up. So you don’t get bored using it all the time.

Dressing Table Coloring

Painting with quality finishing materials does not make the color fade quickly in a long period of use. The selection of a beautiful Rose Gold color that looks very natural adds to the impression of a “classic” and a thick retro’s feel. The nuance is like a royal from the past, so that when you make a dress using an American Retro Dressing Table it looks very luxurious. The distinctive color of wood is undeniably one of the best colors for furniture.

Dresser Drawer with slide rail system

The use of slide rails or sliding rails on drawers makes it easier for the drawers to be opened or closed when pulled. The drawer material is the same as the main raw material for the table, namely mahogany, which is still light and not heavy when opened or closed. The sliding rails used are rails made of high quality stainless steel or iron which do not rust easily. Even though it is made of iron or stainless steel when it is pulled it doesn’t make a loud sound because it is coated with a smooth rubber.

In addition to the use of sliding rails with quality materials, the drawers of American Retro Dressers use special handles made of quality brass. This handle has classic carvings that further strengthen the luxurious impression of the American Retro Dressing Table.

Multi-purpose Makeup Drawer

There are 5 multipurpose drawers located in 2 drawers on the right, 2 drawers on the left and 1 drawer in the middle. You can use 5 drawers to store your various beauty supplies without worrying about lack of space.

With a retro design and applying its minimalist functional side, this American Retro Dressing Table is so complete and you must have it right away!